William Horning's infrastructure and services


Infrastructure Domains

DNS name Record type Record content Description
discard.wgytcraft.cf AAAA 100:: Proxied target for Cloudflare Workers to run on top of
ineedmoredomainsbywalshy.wgytcraft.cf CNAME website-398.pages.dev ineedmore.domains mirror and CNAMEable target
renew.wgytcraft.cf CNAME tunnel.wgytcraft.cf A service to renew Freenom domains
status.wgytcraft.cf CNAME status-page-origin.statusflare.com Status page for all of the projects (Except Vignette) that William works on
tunnel.wgytcraft.cf CNAME Cloudflare Tunnel to my Raspberry Pi
wgytcraft.cf CNAME wgytcraft-cf.pages.dev A redirect to this page
www.wgytcraft.cf CNAME wgytcraft-cf.pages.dev A redirect to this page


1dot.cf scratchaddons.ga wgyt.ga gamr.gq meower.org
galacticaos.tk scratchaddons.gq wgyt.gq openly.cf meowerplus.tk
ineedmore.domains scratchaddons.tk wgyt.ml openly.ga meower.tk
ineedmore.email welshy.tk wgyt.tk openly.gq toastpack.dev
onedot.cf wgyt.cf walshyisthe😇.tk meowchat.tk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.ga
scratchaddons.cf wgytcraft.cf walshyisthe👿.tk meowerauth.tk ismakingsomething.cool

Status Page

The status page is available at https://status.wgytcraft.cf/